What should you do to add your friends to your raid in Escape from Tarkov?

Introduction to the game

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person online shooter game that takes place in the fictional city of Norvinsk in Russia. The storyline will be the survival in the war-torn city that contains former Private Military Company’s members known as PMCs and local rivalries known as Scavengers, along with some artificial bots. You will spawn somewhere as a PMC or a Scav as you wish. You can also choose the map you wish to play in. The game will be harder compared to other shooter games because of the realism in the gameplay. However, you can find various EFT hacks online that will help you get in-game benefits easily. You should take all your belongings and go to an extraction point on your map. An extraction point is an exit point in the map that will make you get out of the field. Getting out of the map with your belongings or alone is the objective of the game. The game can be more interesting if you play along with your friends. The option to form an alliance within the map of play helps you to add your friends to the raid and win together. To do so, you should follow some steps and meet some requirements. In this article, let us discuss some of these steps to follow to add your friends to an Escape from Tarkov raid.

Add up your friends to the list.

Before your friends can join your raid, you should add them to your friends’ list as you do in social media. Every player should have an account with Escape from Tarkov, and you can search for your friends easily. There will be a Messenger tab in your opening window. If you click on it, a window will open with the list of already connected players. You can select the players to add if your friends are there on the list. If they are not there already, you need to search for them manually. Use the search bar on the top and type in your friends’ account names. Select your friends from the suggestions and invite them to play. They will get the invite via EFT and should accept the invitation to be able to get listed on your friend’s list.

Add friends to your raid.

Once you can see your friends on the list on the Messenger tab, you can add them to your raid. Select a map on which you wish to play. All the players you wish to add should join on the same map. Else, they will not be available to add in the raid. Since there are numerous maps in Escape from Tarkov, there is a possibility of missing a friend because of the change of map. All the players who have chosen the same map will appear on the list besides your character on the Prepare for Escape window. Once all your friends have joined, you can start the game.